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GET READY FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT – eLearning that includes more media, more interactions, more design elements. We don’t do it just for fun. We do it because research shows video, enhanced visuals, and interactions increase attention and retention.

Custom Audio

Full Resolution Video

Case Studies

Multiple Languages

Learner Control

Video Embeds

Engaging Interactions

Video Banners



Custom Imagery

Knowledge Checks

Advanced Interactions

Open Space

Structure and Pacing

Video Demonstrations

Winning Imagery

How-To Videos

Detailed Information

LMS Setup

Video Interviews

Excellent training, this will be a huge benefit for our students.

Northbrook, IL

Best practical continuing education course I have ever taken, hands down.

Ed B, OT

Great use of slow motion videos to help understand.

Jamaica, NY

I would highly recommend this course. The video clips were very beneficial.

Sutton, MA

Motivating Learners

How do you grab a learner’s time and attention? The best answer is through intrinsic motivation. When a learner is curious, excited, and feels in control of the lesson, that’s when real change occurs. We craft media and interactions that make your message something your viewers want to learn about and care to implement.